MacroPy,a simple macro maker for windows


Here's what MacroPy can do


Setup is pretty simple.

Make a folder named "Jopa" in C: (improtant) and inside of "Jopa" paste the MacroPy3.0 folder

Inside of dist/MacroPy you should see "MacroPy.exe", run it as an administrator (important) and follow the instructions displayed on the screen.

If you want to stop the program simply kill the "MacroPyy.exe" process.

Thats how simple it is.

Frequently asked questions

First of all it is not recommended to bind your macros to keys like enter.

Q: .pyw file is opening forever!

A: The file is probably already open even though it says the file is still openning.

Q: Program does not work!

A: Maybe you did not extract the folder correctly, the directory should look like this "C:\Jopa\MacroPy3.0\dist\MacroPy"

Note:This program is in early alpha and is under heavy development.



Made by Jopa

If you want to report a bug you can dm me on discord (Jopa#9990)